I’ll Be Back

They say, eighteen months is a short time to be away;
They cry, they’ll miss me as next week I’ll be saying goodbye.
I’ll be sad, remember to email me weekly when I’m away.
I will be fine, I’ll go somewhere familiar called Butuan…

I’ll be back, soon you’ll see,
Serving people who speak diff’rently.
I’ll be back, time will tell,
If my efforts had been good and well.

Hearts will change, souls are saved,
Live are blessed when the gospel is shared.
And when eighteen months are passed,
I’ll be flying back to Pasig… And be with friends and family that I love. 😉


My 2016 is full of blessings and surprises. I graduated university (surprisingly), received my mission call to Butuan,  got endowed and will leave for my mission! I will miss a lot of people and things in the coming months but I know I will be serving a better purpose in my mission. I’ll be back in 2018 then! 😍😘🤗☺️😃😅🙂😐😕☹️😔😣😢😭😇😇😇


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