Reflection Time Again

Every single time I feel the heavy burden of the tasks I need to perform with the very little time to do them, I would somehow find the time to write an elaborate post on them on my current blog (as they were ever changing). And that time has come again.

But I can feel this time is very different from the others. The weight is heavier, the time so limited, the list is endless and my willpower is low. All the aspects of my life seemed to crave for my attention all at the same time. And they are all pressing, and pressing for me to attend to them. I’m about to explode from it all.

It’s not even about me finding it hard to say “No!” to people. They’re all things I must do. I know I always end this kind of post with a positive note. It’s very hard to do that this time. This will pass. I know it will. And I’ll be an even stronger woman by the end of it.


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