Amazing Grace

I have known you for more or less than a decade. You were not even among my closests, but as friends we have our own quips and inside jokes. And for me, that really counts you in as an important person in my life. The last time I talked to you properly was when you were about to sing this wonderful song. How apt that the song talks of the wonderful love of the Savior for all of us: a message that your family and loved ones would need at this point.

Your fun and loving nature appeals so much too me that you’re one of those that I found to be very easy to be friends with. You are such a wonderful and beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father. I feel so much like an ate that you never had.

I hate myself for not engaging with you more than I did the last time we met and talk. And I even hate to use the past tense when talking about you. I feel sad that you will no longer joke about the predator with me or laugh about the things only the two of us understand.

I love you. You are always in my thoughts. Keep smiling. I know Heavenly Father is happy to have you back and we’ll all be here for your family. 🙂

Adjusting the Sails

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” – Elizabeth Edwards


There is your impending thesis, that incomplete grade from last semester, the bulletin board you promised to design, that laboratory exercise that is long overdue, the book you’ve been wanting to read, and the story that is waiting to be written.

And lastly, the blog… that has to be filled with posts. 😐

Friendship is Magic

Strange how someone’s spirits can be lifted up by a few words from a friend. Doubts will nag you, fears will make you cower and problems will make you sad. However, friends are there to lift you. They assure you that you are important. That failures will not make them love you any less. They will share their fears which were surprisingly similar to yours. Soon you won’t feel alone and neglected with your burdens because they will take half the load and worry off your back.

It is what I was meant to make her feel when we started chatting, but it’s what I ended up feeling. If this isn’t friendship and magic, I don’t know what is. ❤